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    Guy’s … I think we have covered this before with regard to GD … I’ve just been rereading and trying to find some info on Gov website but its just not covered very well … does anyone know …

    I had an owner ask an EPC for one of the TWO bedsits she rents out in her home (she lives there) … a ‘domestic’ house with one bedsit per floor, common entrance and landings, they have separate self contained kitchens but wc/bathrooms are off the landings (one per floor … could be shared).

    After checking with Stroma I informed her that she needed a ND EPC if she was renting or selling the property as a whole otherwise she didn’t need one.

    It turns out she is part of a landlords-group and it has raised some issues with other members … does anyone know :-

    … as she only has 2 tenants … is she an HMO … if not what is she ? (I read it needs to be 3 tenants)
    … the shared areas are minimal and the property could easily be converted back to regular domestic … RdSAP make more sense ?
    … what happens with the F+ requirement in 2018 … will she need to get an EPC … whole house or per bedsit ?

    Stroma didn’t seem completely convinced … I gone back and re-queried them … they seemed to indicate that there had been some changes recently … I couldn’t find any recent information / postings on the subject.

    It still seems like quite a grey area ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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