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Review of Scheme SOR’s with emphisis on fraudulent EPC’s

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    We (The Alliance of Energy Assessor Associations) have been invited by DCLG to submit our views into a review of the Scheme Operating Requirements.

    The review will have a particular focus on fraud and what more can be done in terms of prevention and detection of fraudulent activities regarding energy performance certificates. DCLG “expect the draft to include more risk base approach to quality assurance”.

    This is an opportunity to suggest changes to the SORs that will improve the auditing regime. If you leave it for me to do all the work it isn’t going to happen because I don’t have the time. I need good sound suggestions from members on how the SORs can and should be improved. Be concise and specific and explain both the change and the reason for it. I can put together ‘well presented arguments’ into a single document for the deadline of the end of the month. I will not have time to do more than that.

    If someone else wants to step forward and take the lead on this please let me know.

    This is a vitally important issue, as I hope you will all agree. What is more, and very pleasing, is that DCLG have come directly to the Alliance, rather than us having to wait on the AB’s to throw us scraps. It is an acknowledgement of your values and professionalism.

    Time-scale is, and I quote: “We aim to complete this review by the end of 2015 and would very much appreciate it if you were able to feed your views into the review by the end of September 2015.”.
    So to enable us to contribute I need your input by the middle of next week. Use this forum, or if you don’t want to share your view with all, then send directly to me (glen@daces.co.uk).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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