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    I just came across something I was unaware of … I didn’t realise that Elmhurst competed for work with assessors.

    I had someone contact me regarding doing a reasonable number of SAP EPC’s for a council … As-Build Stage so they needed lodged SAP EPC’s prepared for them. During the discussion I asked about who had done the design-stage SAP calculations and pre-EPC’s … and it turns out they were done directly by Elmhurst.

    I spoke to Elmhurst who waffled on about ‘not competing with assessors’ and not ‘promoting the service’ but couldn’t deny that at the end of the day if they are approached on a direct basis they will take the business direct.

    I already knew that Stroma did this via a ‘sister’ company … which is one reason why I’d been slowly redirecting my business over to Elmhurst … on a recent (SAP) training course I’d even mentioned this to the (direct) Elmhurst trainer who assured me that they most certainly did not and fully supported their assessors … turns out they are just as bad.

    Bearing in mind we all have to lodge via an accreditation organisation its puts us at a bit of a disadvantage should they ever decide they want to take on more direct business for themselves, actually I didn’t even think that they would be allowed to do it … they certainly keep quite about it while they are talking our fees.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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