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SAP – Over Glazed Extensions – removed windows & doors

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    Bryan Lynch

    (maybe just for SAP Assessors …)

    Does anyone know … when doing calculations for over glazed extensions (L1b) … the area of openings that have been removed or covered over by the new extension can be added to the 25% allowed new glazing area … but does this include doors ?

    L1b seems to say ‘windows and doors’ but then goes immediately on to talk about heat & light gains/losses which wouldn’t be so affected if a solid door had been removed.

    Obviously if it were fully glazed it would be a window so the question doesn’t arise but what about 1/2 glazed doors ?

    Possibly the best way to handle 1/2 glazed doors is to include 1/2 of the area …. solid doors ignore (and fully glazed are windows anyway).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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