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Two EPC’s required for a PV job.

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    As some of you will know, I’m not that active in the domestic assessment line but I do like to keep my hand in and have completed a block of PV assessments for a number of housing association properties. These assessments have now entered the audit window and I’m currently enjoying an exchange with one of our esteemed AB’s following an audit on one of them. The assessment has been given a Compliance Failure in that the dates on my photo’s aren’t all for one date – I’m being told that DCLG have for several years now expected assessors to complete and lodge one EPC (called the draft but a lodged report that may be subject to audit) prior to the PV installation (i.e., with no PV included) from which the customer/installer will decide if they wish to proceed.

    If they do install PV then following installation a second FULL assessment must be completed with a complete new set of evidence photographs dated on the date of the post installation re-visit and of course to now include the PV evidence (i.e., external observations of the installed panels; the inverter, meter and circuit diagram (ideally with address visible) confirming connection to the National Grid). Once lodged then of course this second EPC may be subject to audit in its own right.

    Did I miss something along the way – since when have DCLG and hence AB’s expected us to complete two full assessments and lodge two EPC’s. I doubt many installers will stand the costs of two full assessments and lodgement costs. The copies of documents issued (back in 2012) which purport to tell us that the above is the standard requirement are actually less than clear (what a surprise) and I think there is the usual divergence of interpretation by AB’s but I’d be very interested to hear how your own AB’s are approaching this issue.

    PS. Why me?



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