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v9.94 Appendix Q – don’t use it ???

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    I note with interest that lifespan have today issued the following guidance re v9.94 of RdSAP. I’m taking this to read that ALL RdSAP software from any of the multiple providers will be affected in the same way and that BRE are playing catchup……?

    The Addition of Appendix Q in RdSAP 9.94

    Appendix Q currently has three technologies available for which SAP
    calculation tools are currently available. The technologies are:-

    – Solar Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)
    – Solar Assisted Heat Pumps
    – Dynamic Insulation

    It should be noted that BRE are yet to develop RdSAP versions of the current
    spreadsheets and they should NOT be used by RdSAP assessors for RdSAP
    Assessments; therefore RdSAP assessors should effectively ignore this
    section altogether (even if the technology is present) until further notice.

    All Domestic Energy Assessors shall be notified when BRE have published the
    relevant RdSAP calculation tools.

    This prompts me to ask a few questions…….

    1) If it wasn’t ready and is not yet fit for purpose then why oh why was it rolled out?!?

    2) Schemes are running training around Appendix Q and other parts of the v9.94 rollout. Why, if they know it is flawed?

    2) Have any other Schemes or Software providers issued similar warnings/instructions?

    3) Is it acceptable that once again the accuracy and indeed relevance of an EPC is driven by the Scheme that an assessor works through rather than the robustness of the methodology and compliance of all parties with a common set of rules……………….?!?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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