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What’s the point of building reg’s again ?

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    Honestly … its not what you know but who you know … what’s the point of building regulations when some BCO’s are happy to just pass anything … … I’ve just had an email from a BCO giving me permission to produce a SAP EPC for a ‘new build’ which utterly fails building regs.

    I believe the property was intended to be an extension but at the last minute was turned into a complete new property, unfortunately it would have barely passed L1B (extensions) never mind L1A (new build) so completely failed the compliance check (hasn’t even had an air-test done on it) … yet the BCO is happy to pass it and issue a completion certificate.

    What is the point of building regs again ?

    (… and yet everyone is puzzled when things go wrong – Grenfell)

    PS – I had one last week that should have had some upgrades done to achieve L1B reg’s … but absolutely nothing had been done to it (just split down the middle to create a new dwelling) … same thing again, the BCO just passed it.

    I think I’m going to look into being a BCO … money for old rope it seems.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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