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About MEP

About MEP

MEP is an association of  UK Energy Professionals, including:

  • Domestic Energy Assessors
  • Commercial Energy Assessors
  • Public Building Energy Assessors
  • Retrofit Assessors and Co-ordinators
  • ESOS Assessors
  • Air Conditioning Energy Assessors

who seek to improve the skill levels and professional standards of those engaged in the delivery of such services to property owners and businesses.

We are not a commercial organisation, but an Assessors’ group run by Assessors on a voluntary basis. Our members work to improve the domestic and commercial compliance and energy efficiency of the UK, and we work to support them and their clients with a growing range of professional services.

Since the group was founded in 2011 we have forged links with major manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers. The training and events we run for our members has been recognised throughout the energy assessment industry as being of very high quality. We are supported by the national Accreditation Schemes and national names within the industry.

As part of our role in working for our members, we have set up a database which allows members of the public to search for assessors providing the skills they need in their area. We hope you will find this facility useful, and you can be confident that the MEP logo is a badge of quality, assuring you that the Assessor you choose will be competent, highly skilled, and above all, professional.

We are also growing our services and this website to include advice and guidance to property owners seeking to navigate the often complex process of making their buildings more energy efficient and healthier.

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Why use MEP?

MEP is a source of enlightened opinions and expert knowledge on energy efficient and healthy buildings. Keep in touch as we grow this database and our services.

Why use an MEP member?

MEP professional members are members of accreditation bodies that monitor their performance through regular audits and provide you with recourse if you are not satisfied with their performance. All you have to do is check that their accreditation is valid and satisfy yourself that their experience and skills are what you are looking for.


We were established by energy assessors to help energy assessors and we are unique. We will shortly be offering memberships to those training to be Assessors or in related professions as well as property owners and this will add to our core services, not detract from them.

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Find an Assessor

We help you to find the Assessor and services you need through our Find An Assessor database.

This database is FREE to use and when you choose an MEP Assessor you’ll know you’re dealing with a professional providing a fast, efficient and reliable service. All you have to do is check that their accreditation is valid and satisfy yourself that their experience and skills are what you are looking for.

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