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Extracts from our new year newsletter

Message from Andrew Morphet (Chairman)

Hi everyone,

Firstly, my apologies for the slight delay in publishing this edition of the Newsletter. An unusual event occurred at the end of November which held things up – I was on holiday! I know some of you may think this is not acceptable but I have to say I had a great time, am back safely – and now need another holiday to recover ; )
One of the places on my itinerary was Vietnam and I was fascinated to learn that 30% of their electricity is now generated by hydro. This is mainly harnessing rivers in the mountains to the west rather than the sea. Quite amazing for a country that in comparison to the UK is poor – we have lessons to learn I think.


Latest news from Stephen O’Hara, Chairman of PEPA is that the ABs will now run the QM scheme for Assessors rather than PEPA. PEPA will set the standards and get them approved (a bit like the SORs) with each scheme them implementing for their own members. My concern over this is that the big schemes should be able to take this in their stride, but smaller schemes might struggle with the extra work load. Time will tell.
On a different but related front, if you are a member with one of the smaller schemes, are you still receiving the level of service and support that you have done previously – are there any “cracks” appearing? If so, please drop me an email.

All for now, see you soon.
MEP Chairman

Author: FromTheSticks

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