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EPCs & the Energy Efficiency Requirement for Solar Feed-in Tariff

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    I would be interested in comments on this letter I have come across from EPC Choice. Not sure how you would get this through audit and whether the date for FIT is the assessment date or the issue date (Commercial there is only issue shown).

    EPC Choice are the UK’s leading provider of Energy Performance Certificates to the Renewables Sector

    Can Solar PV still be included in the EPC rating……..

    Is a question we have been asked many times since the Governments Review of Feed in Tariffs published on 17th December. Various changes were proposed including raising the minimum EPC requirement to C rating and the loss of the EPC concession for schools and community centres. Thankfully these proposals were not implemented however the inclusion of Solar PV to achieve D rating is subject to change.

    Clause 7.23 & & 7.24 outline the changes but in simple terms any property which is to receive the higher tariff must currently have an EPC rated D or above. The EPC submitted for the FiT must be dated prior to the Commissioning date of the Solar PV. The process for achieving this is to undertake an EPC survey prior to install and if D rating is achieved then a lodged EPC will be provided. The EPC will pre-date the Commissioning date once Solar PV is installed and compliance with the new regulations has been met.

    If D rating has not been achieved prior to install then a draft EPC will be provided which will detail various improvements and show the additional EPC points that these improvements will add. If D rating can be achieved with improvement works then these can be undertaken and a re-inspection booked in order to provide a lodged D rated EPC. Again this EPC will pre-date the Commissioning date ensuring compliance is met.

    EPC Choice provide a full consultancy service on the most cost effective ways to achieve D rating without Solar PV and as a company provide D rated EPCs on over 87% of all EPCs undertaken.

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