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ESOS & MEES enforcement – Select Committee input…..

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    I quote from todays Energyst ezine which makes ref to a report from the BEIS Select Committee (MP’s talkshop!)

    “The Government should act swiftly to agree a trajectory for the ratcheting up of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for commercial buildings. We recommend that the Government assesses the viability in raising MEES for rented commercial properties to EPC Band B by 2035, with milestones of D and C in the lead up time,”

    2035 may seem like a long way off but if we take the last few words at face value that’s a D band minimum from 2025 and a C band minimum from 2030. Some landlords have got a lot of work to do….or they need to get out of property ownership and allow their buildings to be recycled (aka demolished!).

    Link to Energyst article re ESOS & MEES enforcement


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