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    I have a landlord who needs some basic improvement works made on a workshop/warehouse property of 264 sq.m that I assessed some time back. The location is WV13.

    There are two/three recommendations to be implemented which are…..
    1) All lighting changed to LED bulbs.
    2) Auto on/off switching of LED lighting (or LED fittings with built-in auto on/off) to replace existing lighting in toilets/kitchenette/storeroom spaces. This work will require a qualified person.
    3) Loose fit rockwool insulation to be laid over the ceilings above two internal structures, one housing toilets & a kitchenette (15 sq.m), the other larger housing a general office and two storerooms (30 sq.m). 300mm desired depth. This will require hardboard fixing at the internally exposed perimeters of the structures to retain the insulation and improve function. This may require the areas to be cleared beforehand of misc junk stored on the top of these structures though the tenant should complete this beforehand.

    The unit is occupied although its use (as a gymnasium/personal training area) means most use is early AM and late PM. The floor is however covered in safety matting!

    Can anyone recommend a contractor who would be interested in this little project?

    Names and numbers to me asap please or ask contractors to contact me directly on 07980 852235.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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